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Community Yield provides the financial tools and guidance needed to become a changemaker. Meeting people where they are every step of the way. 

Our Programs

Making good financial decisions is hard. The temptations of consumer culture makes it easy to spend impulsively. Our brains are not designed to naturally make wise decisions about risk and money. This prevents us from saving for the future, paying off debt, or achieving goals like buying a home or starting a business. 


Understanding our own psychological relationship to money is the key to breaking the bad habits and overcoming stigma. At Community Yield, we work first to break down the barriers to understanding and talking about money. Understanding individuals unique personal and cultural background informs their relationship to money. 


Our programs offer culturally competent financial education tailored to the different needs of diverse communities. We work in a module format, with different components to customize for each group and audience. We integrate into existing curriculums to offer a Psychology of Money complement, and also offer a full personal finance curriculum aimed at school age youth and working age adults. 


Topics & Expertise 

Personal Finance Meets Mindfulness



Training in Financial Basics

Understanding Student Loans


Financial Aid


Credit Card Debt

Understanding Simple


Compound Interest

Avoiding Common Financial Traps




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