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Who We Are & What We Do

Community Yield is a Chicago-based organization bringing together financial and nonprofit professionals working to alleviate the harmful effects of concentrated poverty and income inequality on communities across our city and country. Financial education, focused on breaking down the anxieties around money, is our means to contribute to the undoing of  the harm that cyclical poverty does to communities. We seek to  help people live less anxious, more stable, healthier lives through a better relationship with money. 


So many of us never learn basic financial skills in school, or at home. Without basic financial literacy we  struggle to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with money amidst all of the temptation and obstacles. This can have dire consequences for our physical and mental health. 


Community Yield offers culturally competent financial education tailored to the different needs of diverse communities. We envision a society in which everyone has the knowledge necessary to grow a healthy, happy financial future.  



At Community Yield, our mission is to unburden the challenges of money through financial education, and provide the resources to grow opportunities for individuals and communities.



Community Yield envisions a world equipped with the basic financial education to empower economic mobility across diverse communities.

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